Courses Offered


According to National Crime Statistic 1 in 3 women will be the victim of some form of assault in their lifetime.

Additionally women between the ages of 18 and 24 are four times more likely to be the victim of an assault than any other demographic.  For these reasons, SAFER-U has developed a program specifically designed to meet the personal protection needs of women.  This practical approach is based on proactive methods of identifying, avoiding, and engaging violence through methods of early recognition, hands on skills, critical decision making along with introducing improvised and less-lethal weapons into a situation.

SAFER-U has identified 7 critical areas of instruction to be covered in three sequential seminars that are designed to prepare you for the most likely scenarios that statistically you may encounter.

LEVEL I:  The Foundation

  • Psychological profile of the criminal mind. Opportunist vs. Predator
  • Practical Awareness (theory, real-world application)
  • Threat Identification/Pre-conflict Decision Making
  • Mental Preparation for physical engagement (Action vs. Reaction)
  • Sexual Assault considerations
  • 3 W’s of Survival
  • Intro to Movement (Standing, Kneeling, Seated and Grounded)/Establishing Tactical Advantage
  • Intro to Strikes (Standing, Kneeling, Seated and Grounded).

LEVEL 2:  The Essentials

  • Real World Case Study
  • Competition Fighting vs. Ambush Fighting
  • Level of Force Justification (Women specific)
  • Into to Less-Lethal Weapons (i.e. Flashlight, Pepper Spray, Taser)
  • Intro to Improvised Weapons (i.e. Pen/Pencil, Keys)
  • Deploying weapons under stress.

LEVEL 3:  The Reality

  • Working in and around motor vehicles
  • Working against multiple attackers
  • FORCE on FORCE role-player scenarios
  • SPECIALTY:  Handgun Deployment For Women
  • Deadly Force justification/considerations
  • Mental Preparation
  • Weapon/caliber selection (Women specific)
  • Concealed carry options (Women specific)
  • Weapon fundamentals
  • Deploying the weapon under stress
  • Making hits count



Every day more and more individuals are exercising their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.  Responsible citizens across the country are actively choosing to carry a firearm as their primary means of personal defense.  As a result, concealed carry courses are becoming readably available in regions across the country by individuals whose credentials may be less than desirable.

SAFER-U would caution you about enrolling in a CCW course provided by non-professionals who have not carried and relied on a gun for their living.SAFER-U invites you to experience the SAFER METHOD OF CONCEALED CARRY by enrolling in the most comprehensive 2-day concealed carry certification course available anywhere.  Our professional, certified law enforcement staff has real-world experience carrying weapons concealed during plain-clothes and undercover narcotics operations.  Students are instructed in the “SAFER METHOD” of concealed carry, a customized CCW program developed and utilized by professionals.  The SAFER-U CCW method of Concealment, Access, Configuration, Comfort and Concealed Presentation is based on the methods utilized by Russian professionals and KGB operatives and promises to be unmatched by any other CCW method currently available.

In addition, you will learn to protect yourself from criminal and civil liability by receiving real world, no-nonsense instruction regarding the legal considerations of carrying and deploying a firearm in a personal, self-defense situation.  Learn the legal do’s and don’ts of deadly force decision making and post-shooting considerations from one of the area’s leading criminal/civil Defense Attorneys and certified law enforcement personnel.

For anyone who is serious about obtaining a CCW permit and learning the most effective means of personal defense we invite you to enroll in one of our SAFER METHOD OF CONCEALED CARRY courses.